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Handyman replaces a furnace filter

Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Common Furnace Issues

As part of a home’s HVAC system, it’s crucial that a furnace be kept in good working order. Like other appliances, a furnace that’s neglected will struggle to do its job. This wastes energy and raises your energy bill, but this isn’t even the worst thing that can happen.

Problems range from bad air quality inside the house to burst pipes to carbon monoxide poisoning to explosions. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to troubleshoot furnace problems before they become serious. Ask your HVAC professional if you need help.

Make Sure the Thermostat Is Working

One of the essential troubleshooting tips is also one of the simplest. Many individuals may experience a moment of panic when their furnace fails to work, leading them to call in an HVAC professional. However, often, the issue may simply be that the thermostat is not turned on, its battery is depleted, its circuit breaker is off, or it has another easily fixable problem.

Clean or Replace the Filters

Regular maintenance of HVAC system filters is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. It is necessary to clean or replace filters regularly to prevent blockages that can cause the furnace to overwork and increase energy consumption. Neglecting this simple task can lead to potential problems down the line.

Depending on the type of filter, some may need to be replaced when they are dirty, while others can be cleaned with a hose, allowed to dry, and then put back in place. Both methods are straightforward and cost-effective ways to ensure your furnace operates smoothly.

Make Sure the Area Near the Furnace Is Clean and Clear

This is another simple troubleshooting tip that’s often overlooked. Many homeowners keep their furnaces in their basement, and the basement tends to be a magnet for clutter. The clutter needs to be kept well away from the furnace and certainly shouldn’t be stored on top of it.

This is especially true if the material is flammable, but even nonflammable materials can block the airflow around the furnace and clog its filters with dust and dirt. Not only should the area around the furnace be clear, but it should be swept or vacuumed fairly regularly to keep it clean.

Have the Furnace Checked Professionally Twice a Year

It’s always a good idea to have the furnace and your HVAC system in general checked twice a year. The furnace should be checked at the beginning of the heating season, and the air conditioning components should be checked at the beginning of the cooling season. You might want to invest in a program where a professional comes to your home on a schedule. That way, you won’t need to remember to call for twice-yearly maintenance.

Contact Us for Troubleshooting Tips

Your furnace helps to make your home habitable during the cold months, so it’s important to be proactive and address problems at the first sign of trouble. If you want to learn more about troubleshooting or need furnace repair, call us at Ridge AC in Panama City, FL.

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